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Cantonese Cooking Videos

The following video package is hosted by Ms. Maria Wong; she shows us how to cook many dishes, desert, snack with Cantonese tasty. In the video, she speak Chinese but there is English caption that makes easy for anyone couldn’t understand Chinese. She showed how to make crispy belly pork, glutenous cakes, moon cake,…

Cooking Videos:

More Chinese food – Cantonese cuisine
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As of January 13, 2014,

  • she has done so far:  my newest cooking videos (153), Asian/ chinese cuisine (108), sweets for my sweets (58), how to make Dim Sum (32), Chinese new year foods (14), European home style cooking (10), Summer BBQ foods (10), Asian chinese soups (10), Christmas cookies (8), how to make strawberry cake (3), how to make chinese dumpings recipe (2), Chinese steamed pork bun. Nikuman. Recipe (2), German thin pan cake recipe (2), how to make famous german blackforest cake (2) (Chinese:  我喜歡食的甜品教做法, 中國新年食譜, 黑森林蛋糕, 蒸豬肉菜飽, 歐洲家庭式烹飪教做法, 教做中國菜肉餃子, 教做士多啤利蛋糕, 教做德國式簿煎餅, 亞洲/中國食譜教做法, 食譜, 教做點心, 最新綠影帶, 夏天 BBQ)
  • her 1 million plus views:  Hong kong crispy roasted pork belly (Siu Yuk) (Chinese: 脆皮燒肉)
  • 700K views:  Chinese steamed rice noodle rolls (Cheung Fun) Dim Sum (Chinese:  教做蒸腸粉)
  • 300K views:  Red bean paste sesame balls, (Jin deui), Ha Gao (Steamed shrimp dumplings) Dim Sum (Chinese: 蝦餃, 紅豆蓉煎堆)
  • 200K views:  Chinese spring onion pancake, Chinese steamed water eggs, You tiao, crisp chinese crullers, Cantonese white cut chicken, Cantonese steamed sponge cake ( Ma Lai Go ) Dim Sum, Siu Mai – pork and shrimp dumplings ( Dim Sum ), HongKong steamed fish, Steamed white sugar sponge cake ( Bak Tong Gou ) (Chinese: 白糖糕, 蒸白切雞, 教做蔥油餅, 蒸水蛋, 馬拉糕, 燒賣, 香港清蒸魚, 油條)
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Now, all of us have a great dinner. Food, cooking and eating which can not detach from us.
Everybody should have 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) a day, no late night meals and drink a lot water if possible. These tips can help people controlling their weight and might help them loosing some weight too.
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