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My Viet Food * Xuan Hong * Uyen Thy Cooking (Bep Nha Ta Nau or Vao Bep 5 Phut voi Uyen Thy) * Cathy Ha (Cooking Express or Nau An Nhanh voi Cathy Ha) * Phuong Khanh * Thuc Pho * BYN TV * Nau Chay * Tay Ngoc Ben Bep Hong * Suc Song Moi * Cam Thu * Day Nau An 9083 * Cathy Ha * VAN HOA AM THUC BAI * Nau An * Nau an 2 * Dieu Thao * Am Thuc * Yan

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JQ Cooking * JN Cooking * Boriville * Huong BuiAsian * Yummies * Helen * Tina Pham * Van’s Kitchen * My Basic Leaf * Nyonya Cooking * UK Ireland *Videojug Food & Drink * World Kitchen * Betty * Joyful Food *Cooking Channel * Iron Chef America * Food Wishes * All Recipes * Japan * Pampered *BBC Food * Videojug * My Recipes TV* Food Network * Mexican Food *Maangchi * Rouxbe * LeCordon Bleu * Lee Kum Kee * LOVE MY PHILLY * Hersheys * Laura in the Kitchen * Yan Can Cook * Cooking with Boriville * Run Away Rice * Happy Work * Divine Chef * The Art of Cooking * Williams-Sonoma * Chef Buck *

Cooking shows in Chinese:

Cantonese *

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Maria Wong *

Other cooking shows:
Some of cooking show videos of the show “Vao Bep voi Xuan Hong”:
Banh Tam Bi * Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich) * Che Dau * Mi Xao (Stir-Fried Noodles) * Am Thuc (Food) * Goi (Pickle)

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Cool cooking tips -
After cooking, your house smell so bad, you can't stand for it and how to do to get rid of the smell? Okay, we can share with all you an idea, which we retrieved from one of Vietnamese cooking videos, how to do it; this tip you don't have to spend any extra money, it's from your kitchen cabinet, so what is it? That is vinegar. Just get a pot, get some vinegar, cook it with high heat; the vinegar will evaporate around your house and with the help of the A/C, it's circulated around the house. Not too long after the vinegar is boiled, you're no longer smell the food from your fun day of cooking.